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Are Toning Shoes Safe To Wear? - InfoBarrel Toning shoes must seem like the answer to many busy women’s prayers. They promise their wearer a free lower body workout just by walking around, as they would normally be doing anyway, throughout the course of their daily routine. This is achieved by the use of a specially designed sole which generates a small amount of imbalance whilst walking. The lower body muscles react to the imbalance by trying to re-establish the body’s natural equilibrium and this causes them to perform a little extra work. That’s how the toning benefits are delivered.Unsurprisingly,Ugg Stiefel, toning shoes are proving to be extremely popular – especially with women, although styles for men do certainly exist. Over the last couple of years,Ugg Schuhe, toning shoe sales have really taken off. In 2008,ugg boots billig, toning shoe sales amounted to just $ 17 million. Sales estimates for 2010 are in excess of $ 1 billion and possibly as high as $ 1.5 billion. This growth in sales has taken place at a time when,, due to a somewhat

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